Turkish: Vocabulary and Short Stories (A1-B1 Level)


Turkish Vocabulary and Short Stories (A1-B1 Level)

This book comprises of both most needed vocabulary and short stories for beginners.

Improve Turkish vocabulary

Designed to enrich the vocabulary of Turkish learners who are serious learning Turkish, the book has more than 1,500 words sorted into 45 themes under the umbrella of 12 main topics plus puzzle works and matching exercises.

Thematic topics cover the areas like Personal Information, Accommodation, Environment, Business, Transportation, Education, Health, Bureau, Societies and Politics, Entertainment, Food and General Words.

At the end of the main topical words, you will have word matching exercises:

Improve reading skills with short stories

To improve you reading comprehension and become better in expressing or writing in Turkish, you need to read! 6 short topics about various everyday topics will enhance your reading skills.

At the end of topics, you will have set of exercises:

A. Vocabulary Exercise: Filling the blanks with provided set of words
B. Writing Practice: Writing the answers of the questions from the text
C. Speaking Practice: Speaking about the given topic

Take your notes section

Take your notes section at the end of the exercises provides your space to take your notes for later review.


Story 1: My Name is Orkhan.


Story 2: Our House


Story 3: My Day


Story 4: Summer Holiday


Story 5: The Family Envers


Story 6: The Day of the Farmer



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