Uzbek Verbs: Review Guide


Turkish: Thematic Vocabulary and Short Stories.

To get access to audios, scroll down to find audios of 6 short stories. This book is recommended to use along with the book called “Turkish for Beginners” (Turkicum Book Series). Brush up on your Turkish, improve your reading and listening skills, and make learning new vocabulary so much easier with thematic vocabulary and 6 engaging Turkish stories.

The 12 thematic divided vocabularies contains topics like personal information, accommodation, environment, business, transportation, education, health, bureau, society and politics, entertainment, food and general words. The 6 stories are followed by learning questions, speaking and writing practice, so you can use this short story book also as a Turkish book.

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The Uzbek Verbs: Review Guide is your key to acquiring enhanced skills on the road to Uzbek fluency. A focus on the most used and important verbs in the Uzbek language, giving you a comprehensive foundation to the language. Learn when and why each tense is used. Learn how to conjugate the verbs to enable you to build your language skills and communicate with confidence.The arrangement is one verb per page in easy to comprehend table. Each verb is listed with its principal parts and followed by complete conjugation in present, past and future tense forms.Inside you will find:•Guide to Uzbek Alphabet and Pronunciation•Guide to Uzbek Verb Grammar•100 conjugated verbs, listed alphabetically•Current idioms and expressions for each verb•The most useful 380 verbs in English-Uzbek-English One can find other available books on Uzbek language at platform


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