Armenian: Conversations, Vocabulary and Verbs


This book is comprised of starter grammar points, real-life conversations, thematic vocabulary and verbs. When you are starting out with a new language, it can be difficult to look for suitable reading materials. The book is an additional support material to your main grammar book and self-learning books.

Grammar Points:

• Armenian Alphabet and Pronunciation
• Word Order
• Present, Past and Future Tenses of “To Be”

10 Real-Life Conversations:

10 units of conversations, each devoted to topical dialogues, words and phrases. The conversation are conducted between two or three people on real-life situations with English translations below the Georgian sentences. Useful phrases and words basis related to the topics are provided to enhance your reading and comprehension skills.

Thematic Vocabulary:

The vocabulary is intended to help you learn, memorize and review words.

It contains sea of words related to topics like personal information, accommodation, environment, business, transportation, education, health, bureau, society and politics, entertainment, food and general words. All topics has its own division of words based on themes that make total 45 themes.

Conjugated Verbs

Armenian verb grammar requires special attention and probably tutoring taking into account its complexity. In this book we solely provide the list of most useful verbs and conjugation of sample verbs into present, past and future tense forms.

Enjoy learning Armenian language!


Conversation 1


Conversation 2


Conversation 3


Conversation 4


Conversation 5


Conversation 6


Conversation 7


Conversation 8


Conversation 9


Conversation 10



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